“Hẻm” is alleyway in Vietnamese and especially in Saigon, most of the local favourites dishes are found in narrow Hẻm. All Hẻm has a number associated to it, to differentiate their location. Our is Hẻm 27, here we aim to bring a unique culinary experiences of Vietnamese street hawker’s food to our guest, without losing the authentic, aromatic, Asian flavours.  We hope to bring back many memories for those who have lived and grew up in the local “Hẻm”, the vendors whom have sold their traditional family dishes with pride for many decades and locals whom has enjoyed the many fine dishes, in narrow “Hẻm” of Saigon.

Our signature dishes are noodle soups; which ranges from different regions of ViệtNam. Along with rice vermicelli salad bowls, local rice dishes and great range of hawkers snack, drinks & desserts. There are limitation in terms of bringing out the true flavours and freshness of Vietnamese dishes; but here we aim to replica ours to it most authentic. So join us on a short journey down memory lane and try our take on some of the local favourites.

What is your HẺM favourite?